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Fri Mar 7 07:53:20 PST 2008

I'm looking for something like a HashMap or Dictionary Actor and, before 
implementing one myself, wanted to check that one does not already exist 
that I have simply overlooked.
The issue is as follows - from a file or a database, I need to read a list 
of Instrument, Pair sizes. For example, if I want to buy 50 Euros and 20 
pounds, I may get the following as input:

EUR, 50
GBP, 20

Once I have read this data, I want to be able to request what the size of 
EUR should be (in this case 50). This is very similar to the Lookup Actor 
except that we're looking up based on a key rather than on an index. It's 
a typical HashMap.

I would envisage an actor with 3 input ports and 2 output ports as 


-> set_key_in
-> set_val_in
-> query_key_in


<- key_out
<- val_out

set_key_in, set_val_in are used to populate the HashMap with key, value 

a token on query_key_in will look up an entry in the HashMap and output 
the result to the output ports. An additional output port could give a 
boolean signal if there was no such entry.

Another boolean input could be used to flush all of the contained entries 
to the output as a sequence of tokens (SequenceToArray could then package 
these into an array or a RecordAssembler could package them into records).

Does such an actor already exist? If not, does the above sound like a 
sensible implementation?


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