[kepler-dev] Indent the Kepler code?

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue Mar 4 10:08:15 PST 2008

Hey Christopher,

I'd prefer the entire kepler repository not be reformatted.  If I find a 
file that is poorly formatted (like the MatlabExpression file), I 
reformat it and recheck it in.  Although I agree in principal that the 
whole codebase should use one format, I also like to let people have 
their personal choices when they are writing code.  I personally don't 
like many other formats and I find they slow me down when I'm coding. 
I'd rather the files that I write and edit often use my style.  I also 
respect other people's formatting and tend to write in whatever format 
the file is in and I hope others do the same.

Just my .02.


Christopher Brooks wrote:
> The Kepler code indentation is rather messy.
> Perhaps someone could run the Eclipse indenter on it?
> It might also be worth cleaning up any extraneous imports etc.
> For example, kepler/src/org/dart/matlab/MatlabExpression.java
> is almost unreadable - it has a mixtures of spaces and tabs for
> indentation.  The tabs should be converted to spaces.
> The Eclipse formatter settings for the Ptolemy coding style are documented in:
> http://ptolemy.eecs.berkeley.edu/ptolemyII/ptIIlatest/ptII/doc/coding/eclipse.htm
> Comments?
> _Christopher
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