[kepler-dev] Clock actor doesn't work?

Jianwu Wang jianwu at sdsc.edu
Fri Jul 18 13:21:21 PDT 2008

Hi Christopher and all,

    After comparing my moml file and the file: 
"$PTII/ptolemy/domains/de/demo/AssemblyLine.xml". I just found my 
mistake. I didn't set the plot format of the TimedPlotter Actor. Now my 
moml file works fine. :)

Best wishes

Sincerely yours

Jianwu Wang
jianwu at sdsc.edu

Scientific Workflow Automation Technologies (SWAT) Laboratory
San Diego Supercomputer Center 
University of California, San Diego
San Diego, U.S.A. 

Jianwu Wang wrote:
> Hi Christopher,
>    I'm studying other directors besides common SDF.  I constructed the 
> same workflow in Kepler (attached) according to AssemblyLine example 
> from Ptolemy 
> http://ptolemy.berkeley.edu/ptolemyII/ptIIlatest/ptII/ptolemy/domains/de/doc/body.htm. 
> But the workflow can not get the same result. It seems that the Clock 
> Actor (ptolemy.actor.lib.Clock) can not send the value according to 
> its offsets value. Would you please help me confirm it? Thanks.
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