[kepler-dev] workflow execution question

dejw dejw at man.poznan.pl
Thu Jul 17 04:03:02 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I have a question about workflow running and monitoring:

I understand that a director is used for this. We will have some 
workflows which could have loops, conditions and so on, they could be 
quite complicated.

As I can see I can use straight for this SDF Director, am I true? the 
question is - can I have information about every workflow 'node' at any 
given time of running the whole workflow?

I mean can I check the status of some node in workflow, if finished its 
status, some output, time it was fired, finished and so on? Generally 
could I have a very detailed information about executed workflow step by 

Or I have to implement my own director or extend existing for example 
SDF Director?


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