[kepler-dev] question about kepler

dejw dejw at man.poznan.pl
Thu Jul 17 01:11:01 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I am quite new user as regard kepler, we are taking part in some very 
interesting project which wants to incorporate kepler workflow engine 
into portal environment.

I have some questions about it, but I'm sure there will be more later:

1. Is it possible to create some simple workflow (or even more 
complicated one) and use it later as an actor to build another workflow?
Is there some 'abstract' actor which takes workflow xml definition as 
parameter and enables to use it as a brick to build another workflow?

2. Kepler is a standalone application, do you have maybe some tips how 
to use it in portal environment? We want to enable running all workflows 
generated in kepler without restrictions.
So as I understand we should do some actor replacements (like for 
Display for example) and we want add also our actors as we want to use 
different grid services which are not covered currently in the default 
set of actors.

3. Actor repository - I understand that it is possible to have one 
common actor repository for some organization? Kepler uses LDAP for it? 
Are there some access rights for actors or something like this? Is it 
possible to grant some roles to users when LDAP authentication is used? 
Is it possible to require login while starting Kepler?

That's all right now,

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Dawid  Szejnfeld, PSNC, Poland
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