[kepler-dev] Actor is not ready to fire messages

turuncu@be.itu.edu.tr turuncu at be.itu.edu.tr
Tue Jan 8 12:17:29 PST 2008


Yes i am using SDF director as Tristan do and yes i am using Tristan's
workflow to implement my own. I modify the structure and port definitions
of my custom actors as possible as i do and the structure of workflow is
also similar to Tristan's.


> Hi Ufuk,
> Are you basing your workflow on the sample Tristan King provided on
> January 1?
> Tim
> On Jan 8, 2008, at 7:32 AM, [BE] Ufuk Utku Turuncoglu wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I create two custom actor, one of them reads a binary file and other
>> writes the input into a netcdf file (i also update my actors according
>> to earlier suggestions about stopping workflow) and the workflow
>> structure is similar to BinaryFileRead and BinaryFileWrite but in my
>> case there is only one file which has multiple time step data. I am
>> using Boolean Switch actor to stop my work flow but at the last
>> iteration it gives me "Actor is not ready to fire" messages. So, I
>> check
>> the "end of file" port of my custom binary file reader actor using
>> display actor and it seems ok.
>> any suggestion will be helpful,
>> best wishes
>> --ufuk
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