[kepler-dev] Actor is not ready to fire messages

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 8 07:51:28 PST 2008

Are you using the SDF director?
My suggestion is to not use BooleanSwitch in SDF. 
As to why, see Dan Higgins' explanation in 

My understanding is that BooleanSwitch may be used in SDF, but only
under carefully controlled situations.  This issue seems to come up
fairly regularly with BooleanSwitch, the documentation should be more
clear, I'll see what I can do.  Maybe we should disable BooleanSwitch
under SDF, or at least have it print a message or something.  Perhaps
actors that are SDF safe should implement a specific interface, or
actors in actor/lib that are not SDF safe should implement a specific



    I create two custom actor, one of them reads a binary file and other 
    writes the input into a netcdf file (i also update my actors according 
    to earlier suggestions about stopping workflow) and the workflow 
    structure is similar to BinaryFileRead and BinaryFileWrite but in my 
    case there is only one file which has multiple time step data. I am 
    using Boolean Switch actor to stop my work flow but at the last 
    iteration it gives me "Actor is not ready to fire" messages. So, I check 
    the "end of file" port of my custom binary file reader actor using 
    display actor and it seems ok.
    any suggestion will be helpful,
    best wishes
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