[kepler-dev] Building kepler & ptII in Eclipse

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Tue Feb 26 10:40:30 PST 2008

Hi Dan,

The change that went in recently was for PTIDES, a real-time distributed
system with DE Semantics.  While it might someday be of interest
to Kepler, it probably is not of interest today. 

I think the error in the build was:
 package ptolemy.domains.dde.kernel does not exist
    [javac] import ptolemy.domains.dde.kernel.DDEDirector;
    [javac]                                   ^ [javac]

would it be better to exclude ptolemy/domains/ptides/** and continue
to exclude ptolemy/domains/dde/**?

Also, ptolemy/domains/ptides is sure to have lots of activity and
might be unstable.

As part of the nightly build, we need a way to test the Eclipse build.
I don't have any clear idea how this can be done, but other people
must be invoking Eclipse from a nightly build.


    Hi All,
        I made some changes to the ant build file yesterday that may impact 
    the Eclipse build. Since I don't use eclipse, someone who does may want 
    to check out these changes.
    1) I removed these exclude statements from build-ptolemy.xml
    <!--          <exclude name="ptolemy/domains/dde/**"/>
              <exclude name="ptolemy/domains/dde/kernel/test/test.tcl/**"/>
              <exclude name="ptolemy/domains/dde/kernel/DEThreadActor.java/**"/
              <exclude name="ptolemy/domains/de/kernel/DEEDirector.java/**"/>
              <exclude name="ptolemy/domains/de/kernel/DETheadActor.java/**"/>
    in order to get the head of Ptolemy CVS to compile (under ant)
    2) I also removed the exclude for the python actors
    <!--          <exclude name="ptolemy/actor/lib/python/**"/>         -->
    Dan Higgins
    Matthew Jones wrote:
    > Yes, you should be able to build from the HEAD.  Check your .classpath 
    > file against the .classpath.default and be sure they match. If not, then 
    >   copy .classpath.default onto your .classpath file and refresh, being 
    > careful of course to not overwrite your local changes if any.  If you 
    > still get compile errors, then we probably need to update 
    > .classpath.default -- sometimes changes sneak in that we don't catch in 
    > the Eclipse files.  One recent change has been in the IOPort* classes, 
    > which were recently moved from Kepler's exp directory back into the 
    > Ptolemy tree -- this means that the previous exclusions for these files 
    > need to be removed from .classpath.  The updated .classpath.default 
    > should reflect this. If you are getting class not found errors for 
    > IOPort and related classes, this is probably the problem.
    > Matt
    > Paul Allen wrote:
    >> Quick question: Should I be able to build kepler and ptII from the HEAD 
    >> of those CVS repositories at this point in time?
    >> I had been using Eclipse for development using a mid-Nov. version of 
    >> those sources. Following the instructions in 
    >> http://www.kepler-project.org/Wiki.jsp?page=UsingEclipseForKeplerDevelop
    >> worked like a charm to get things running in Eclipse.
    >> Just yesterday I updated both kepler and ptII from the HEAD of both CVS 
    >> repositories. The only change I made to what I got from CVS was to repla
    >>     <classpathentry kind="lib" 
    >> path="lib/jar/opendap/opendap-Not.A.Release.jar"/>
    >>     with
    >>     <classpathentry kind="lib" path="lib/jar/opendap/opendap-0.0.8.jar"/
    >>     in kepler/.classpath.default
    >> Most of the problems seem to be classes that are missing from the ptII 
    >> HEAD. Anybody else experiencing this?
    >> Thanks,
    >> -Paul
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