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Timothy McPhillips tmcphillips at mac.com
Thu Aug 28 10:59:57 PDT 2008

Hi Paul,

This sounds really promising, and I like being able to read a summary  
of this kind when evaluating a system.

We have started putting together a Kepler Web User Interface Interest  
Group on the new Kepler developers' site. We plan to put our more  
detailed discussions about web interfaces for Kepler in the interest  
group forum, post descriptions of our various needs and designs to  
the interest group pages, etc.

At the Santa Barbara meeting in July, four of us drafted a document  
outlining our understanding of the needs for web-based UIs for  
Kepler, highlighting the diversity of the requirements in different  
projects, and proposing we collectively focus on developing a common  
"job manager" that sounds very much like the one you describe.

What would you think of using the interest group pages and forum as  
the venue for sharing more details about your work, and for chatting  
about the requirements in other project?



P.S.  The user account and password for editing the Plone site is the  
same as for svn repository write access.  Please let us know if you  
do not have an account.  Thank you!

On Aug 28, 2008, at 6:23 AM, Paul Allen wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'd like the Kepler dev group to consider adopting a web UI for  
> Kepler that I have been working on as part of an NSDL project. As  
> it stands now, I think that it meets many of the needs a Kepler UI.  
> I don't have a publicly accessible demo, but I'd like you all to  
> look at the technologies and features I describe here to see if  
> there is enough overlap to interest you. My hat is off to Tristan  
> King who really broke the ground on Kepler web UIs. What I will  
> describe isn't a lot different in functionality from Tristan's  
> Hydrant (https://www.hpc.jcu.edu.au/hydrant/) but it is a Java- 
> based solution.
> I know it is difficult for you to evaluate without seeing something  
> working. I expect to have something public in a few weeks. If the  
> Kepler project would like this code to use as a basis for a web UI,  
> I would clean it up a bit and hand it over to be jointly enhanced  
> by the Kepler community.
> Technology:
> Java 1.5
> Hibernate 3
> Spring 2.5 and Spring Security (Acegi)
> Implementation Infrastructure:
> MySQL (very few MySQL-specific features used)
> WebSphere App. Server (nothing IBM-specific knowingly used)
> Eclipse used for development
> UI Features:
> workflow management
> browse
> search
> upload
> copy
> version
> delete
> download
> parameter management
> custom default values
> custom parameter prompts
> designating parameters as required
> expose subset of parameters for new values when workflow is run
> job management - a job is a workflow that is to be executed with  
> specificied parameters
> see status
> cancel job
> delete job
> workflow results management
> see results from a particular job
> see results from the most recent run
> output is URL accessible and can be used as a permanent web resource
> output from a specific job can be referenced individually
> output from the most recent run of a job can be referenced as a  
> permalink
> "community" tools
> tagging
> favorites
> rating
> comments
> user account management
> login/logout/remember me
> create/edit user account
> password reminder
> Backend Features:
> actor management
> filters are used to replace normal Kepler/Ptolemy actors with  
> compatible actors that are aware of the output repository
> not all Kepler/Ptolemy IO actors have replacements yet
> actor replacements utilize Spring for configuration
> job engine interface
> an engine takes a job and runs it in its entirety
> engines run in any Kepler-compatible JVM
> scalable by adding more JVMs (on the same machine or other machines)
> size of thread pools that engines utilize can be customized to the  
> JVM/machine resources
> workflow repository interface
> Hibernate/MySQL Implementation
> MoML storage flexibility
> stored in DB as BLOB
> as URL reference
> obvious potential for other implementations utilizing MetaCat or  
> Fedora Commons
> output repository interface
> metadata (size, mime-type)
> Hibernate/MySQL Implementation
> content stored in DB as BLOB
> parameter repository interface
> Hibernate/MySQL Implementation
> also handles one-time use job parameters
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