[kepler-dev] Proposed Use Cases for New Build System

David Welker david.v.welker at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 06:23:32 PDT 2008

Hi Timothy,

I did not work on licensing very much this weekend, although I now  
have a new master spreadsheet that lists all 130 third-party jars that  
Kepler theoretically depends on and I have started the painstaking  
task of hunting down the licenses for the run-time dependencies. I  
figured that it would be better to wait and see if what we have  
already found is a big enough problem that we have to restrict the  
licensing of the release to non-profit users. In some sense, that may  
be the better way to go, as it will allow us to push this release out  
the door and concentrate on defining a well-managed core that we can  
easily license properly, rather than fighting to get a whole lot of  
code BSD compliant that will be ejected from the core in any case.

Time is of the essence here, and if we make these licensing  
restrictions a release blocker, we may delay this release  
significantly. On the other hand, maybe it is not that much work to  
get all this code, including portions that clearly will not be part of  
the core in the future, BSD-compliant. I think we need to get feedback  
on how much work it will be.

Anyway, I have spent some time working on the use cases for our new  
proposed build system. It is attached. I would love to get your  
feedback on it today.

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