[kepler-dev] question about logging and monitoring

ian.brown@hsbcib.com ian.brown at hsbcib.com
Tue Sep 11 07:47:44 PDT 2007

Hi, I have quite a large model that runs in real time using the Discrete
Event Director and which buys / sells currency on various foreign
exchanges. At the moment, I monitor this by means of a number of Timed
Scopes, monitors and displays attached as sinks at various 'interesting'
parts of the model. This is okay for a small scale implementation but will
not scale - eventually we may be running up to 100 models simulataneously!
What I think is required is for the individual models to log relevant
information as they run. A separate (and probably remote) application can
then selectively monitor those log signals. My thought at the moment is to
use log4j (because that's what Kepler seems to use). I'm thinking that I
can develop an actor that is a log4j sink (i.e. it is a sink that just
writes the input data to a specified log4j destination). Then, we can
develop something to watch the log output in real time on another machine.
My question is whether this is a good idea. Does anyone have any experience
in doing anything like this and in such case is there any experience that
you can offer?



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