[kepler-dev] question about momlexecute.sh

Edward A. Lee eal at eecs.berkeley.edu
Sat Sep 1 05:23:33 PDT 2007

This looks like a bug, but I would need to see the workflow to
have any further ideas...  On Windows, you can type Control-Break
to get a stack trace of all running Java threads... If you send
that to me I might be able to spot the bug...


At 03:20 PM 8/31/2007, Bruce Char wrote:
>I have a workflow that I am trying to run from the command line.  When I 
>run it within the gui, it "finishes execution" according to the display.
>When I run it with momlexecute or keplerexecute, the workflow gets all 
>of its work done (I can tell because of the processes that are spawned 
>and files that
>are written because of the workflow), but the process running it does 
>not quit.  If I launch from the command line, I never get a command 
>prompt again.  I have to interrupt or kill the java process.
>How do I get it to exit?
>Bruce Char
>Department of Computer Science, Drexel University
>Visitor, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Scientific Computation Group
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