[kepler-dev] Build Problems

Kenneth Evans evans at aps.anl.gov
Tue Oct 30 14:51:48 PDT 2007


I haven't got any responses about the second output file I attached.
However, the problem is that it is deleting the kar directory after it
creates it.  See the line clean-kar somewhere near the end.

If I subsequently do ant with buildkar run-dev, it works.

I have done several things in the meantime though.

I have converted the projects to Java projects by adding the appropriate
lines to .project.  I then copied .classpath.default to .classpath for both
projects.  (I had to create .classpath for the Kepler project.)  I had to
add the exclusion **/build/ to _both_ projects, not just ptII as in the
directions.  I think those are the important ones.

I have 11 errors, but can run Kepler (and, of course, Vergil ;-) as Eclipse

Guess I'd better uninstall the downloaded beta3.

Hope this helps.  It's been a long day.

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>> I've not tried building Kepler with a space in the path.

Oh.  Ok, I tried the whole thing another way.  I checked out using:

Select "Check out as a project in the workspace" (Don't use the wizard)
Uncheck "Use default workspace location"
Browse to somewhere that doesn't have spaces in the name.

The result of this is two projects:

These projects appear in my Eclipse workspace which is in "My Documents"
(where it has been happy for several years. ;-)  Neither has a .classpath,
Builders, or Java Build Path.  Perhaps this can be fixed later.  They should
be as would be checked out without using Eclipse.

I tried the ant build with the 4 targets, extra memory, KEPLER and PTII
defined, etc.  It got much further and actually started Kepler.  It then got
an exception.  The output is attached.  This is likely a problem you
probably know how to fix, so I'll send this now before hacking on it myself.

I can't make a launcher in Eclipse as these projects do not appear as
options for "Location:".  I could make an external launcher, but I would
rather see if we can get this scenario fixed up.  I can also use the target
run-dev, which is the part that failed.  Perhaps you can give me some



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