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Kenneth Evans, Jr. evans at aps.anl.gov
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Wow.  That is cool.


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At 03:31 PM 10/27/2007, Kenneth Evans, Jr. wrote:
>In regard to building my own actors:  I just have to add the Eclipse
project with my actors in it to the classpath in the Eclipse launcher for
Vergil and they are available from Instantiate Entity.  Very easy.  The
one thing that would be helpful is a way to reload them (after changes)
without exiting Vergil.  I assume they remain in the class loader after
being loaded once. 

If you run vergil under the debugger in Eclipse, Eclipse
will do a hot swap for you when you recompile the actor...
Hot swaps are not always possible (e.g. if you have stopped
on a breakpoint in the actor being replaced), but most of the
time you can continue without restarting vergil.


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