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Kenneth Evans, Jr. evans at aps.anl.gov
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OK, I found I can run Vergil from my Eclipse ptII project.  (Apparently only
the kepler part doesn't work.)


You may be right that it is easier to use.  I miss the Search feature for


I got the PythonScript to work in Vergil.  I could use some more
documentation on what you can call in the script.  I didn't need to install
Jython. The JAR is included already.


In regard to building my own actors:  I just have to add the Eclipse project
with my actors in it to the classpath in the Eclipse launcher for Vergil and
they are available from 'Instantiate Entity".  Very easy.  The one thing
that would be helpful is a way to reload them (after changes) without
exiting Vergil.  I assume they remain in the class loader after being loaded


I don't seem to have documentation available for the actors except via the
web.  I probably have to do something with the build.


I had to use a later version of Java than 1.5.0_09 to make it work on Vista.
It seems to work with 1.6.0_02.  Kepler doesn't seem to work with 1.6 both
according to the installation instructions and my experience.


So thanks.  That was a very useful suggestion.




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>> I have also had a lot of success with the Python Script actor.


I don't find any Python actor in Kepler using Search.  It is mentioned in
lib/demos.htm but the link is broken (most of them are broken).


It does appear in kepler.jar.


I was unable to get it using "Instantiate Component" using
ptolemy.actor.lib.python.PythonScript and a blank URL.  I apparently don't
know how to use "Instantiate Component" correctly and haven't found any
documentation for it.  Do you know the procedure?


Do I need to have installed Jython to use it?


Can I run Vergil from the Kepler installation or do I have to install


Why do you think all your actors will work "out of the box" in Kepler?






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