[kepler-dev] Problems with Eclipse Install

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Oct 25 15:24:54 PDT 2007

Hi Ken,
I'm in a meeting, but briefly:

What version of Eclipse are you using?
Last week, I installed
Eclipse 3.3.1
Build id M20070921-1145
Under Windows XP
and the build worked, though things got a little odd at one point.
The problem seemed to be that the Navigator tabbed pane was obscured
by the welcome window.

The most recent instructions are at:

To update .classpath, you can also run configure, see the
above URL.


    Part of the problem is that the classpath.default, copied to .classpath, is
    not correct for the current ptII.  I deleted all the missing JARs (8) in th
    Java Build Path, and it then built.  However, it was still missing some ptI
    JARS and didn't run.
    I tried adding ptII to the required projects (easier than trying to muck
    with the .classpath file).  I still got:
    The type ptolemy.graph.Edge cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced
    from required .class files
    So, is there an easier way to get the libraries correct (than adding them
    one by one)?  Or is the current build perhaps bad?
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    Subject: [kepler-dev] Problems with Eclipse Install
    I followed the directions in the "Using Eclipse for Kepler Development"
    article.  They are well written.  However, things didn't work as advertised
    This is on Windows XP.
    1.	I get quite a few warnings from both kepler and ptII of the form:
    CVS file /ptII/doc/coding/develsetup.htm either contains invalid line
    endings on the server (CR/LF instead of just LF) or is a binary file that i
    not marked as -kb.  The Server Encoding under Properties for the
    repositories are both Cp1252.
    This is the same encoding for all my other repositories, most of which are
    2.	It does not build when I turn Build Automatically back on and also
    after doing a Clean.  Nothing happens.  The bin folder is empty.  There are
    no error icons, however.  The only builder under Properties is the Java
    3.	The error log has two errors:
    ClassFormatException in
    zh__PINYIN.class. Please report this issue to JDT/Core including the
    problematic document
    ClassFormatException in
    Please report this issue to JDT/Core including the problematic document
    4.	MacAfee deleted
    ptII\ptolemy\actor\lib\x10\demo\MotorDrivenDemos\shutdown.bat as having the
    Bat/sdwn3 virus. (I don't think this problem for the build, however.)
    5.	The launcher says there are errors in the project (in spite of
    seeing no red X's) and fails if I Continue with:
    The archive: /Kepler/ptII/vendors/sun/commapi/comm.jar which is referenced
    by the classpath, does not exist.
    I have usually not had such problems using CVS in Eclipse.  Any help would
    be appreciated.
    ++ End of Install Problems +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    I am just learning Kepler.  My purpose is to investigate it as means of
    implementing workflows for x-ray experiments.  At a minimum this would mean
    writing new actors.
    At this point I would just like to try implementing my own actor.  In
    Eclipse I find I can write and compile the .java file in Eclipse without
    checking out Kepler from CVS.  All I need is kepler.jar, which I can get
    from the installation.  I can, in principle, write the MANIFEST.MF and .xml
    files, too.  Presumably if I could generate the KAR archive, I could just
    import it into Kepler.  This would be much easier than building the whole
    thing and trying to run make from Eclipse.
    Is there an easier way to get my own actor into Kepler for now.
    I have also found the Ptolemy documentation.  In Vol. 1 p. 176 it gives the
    steps for incorporating an actor into Vergil.  There is no mention of
    MANIFEST.MF or KAR files.  Will this work for Kepler?

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