[kepler-dev] Kepler Web UI?

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Oct 22 10:23:43 PDT 2007

Hi Tristan,

This is looking really promising.  Is it supposed to let you execute the 
workflow right now?  I'm using firefox and I don't see an execute button 
anywhere.  Nice work though!


Tristan King wrote:
> Hi all,
> i've been working on a web UI for the last few months. I was hoping to
> clean it up a lot before throwing it out into the public eye, but since
> this discussion has started, i figure i may as well.
> The main focus on this UI is to make templating workflows easy. There is
> no plans to enable creation or editing of workflows via the web (we feel
> that kepler does that well enough already).
> a demo can be accessed via:
> http://bow.archer.edu.au/kepler/portal/ login/password is test/test.
> upload workflows as you please (just a note, i only have the ptolemy and
> kepler jars loaded into the system, so anything requiring external jars
> wont work yet). double click on actors to view/edit properties. (you can
> move the actors around too, but this is purely aesthetic and will
> probably be disabled) and please play around with the templating and let
> me know your thoughts.
> remember this is very very proof of concept still. There is a lot of
> work that still needs to be done, a lot of CSS tweaking, and a lot of
> user testing.
> and if you suddenly get a 503 error, send me a quick email letting me
> know what you were doing before it happened :)
> I'm currently working on some proof of concept execution of the
> templates and smarter detection of missing actors. once i have those
> sorted out i'll draw up some install instructions and maybe a
> screencast.
> Oh, and i need a name. so if you have any suggestions please let me
> know :)
> Cheers
> -Tristan
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