[kepler-dev] Grid Actors -- Need Help!

Sérgio Serra sergioserra at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 12:03:20 PDT 2007

Hi there,

I´m trying to build an workflow to run some jobs on glite at EELA grid
environment, but i´m having some troubles.

First of all i tried to use Grid Authentication Actor (Class:
org.kepler.authentication.test.AuthActor) but it wants to connect to a GAMA
Server (GEON/SEEK Domains) , which i do not have an account. I quit using
such approach.

Then I decide to build the WF with ExeciteCmd Actor (class:
org.kepler.actor.ssh.ExecuteCmd) . I usefully connected to EELA grid and
initiate the proxy section and permissions are fine, but as soon as i tried
to start a job with the edg-job-subimit command, everything went wrong. I
know it´s syntax is correct because i´ve used it before many times. I got
the following error  (Error: Please set the EDG_WL_LOCATION environment
variable pointing to the userinterface installation path). I set such
variable at my .bash_profile but I still fails to run.

Well, i´d like to know if there are some available(free) examples of grid
enable WF on Kepler 1.0 (beta 3.0) or if someone developed  "generic grid
actor" to connect to other grids than GAMA.

Thanks in advance

Sérgio Serra
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