[kepler-dev] Kepler on Solaris

Amanda Waite - SUN ISV-Engineering Amanda.Waite at Sun.COM
Tue May 29 11:26:17 PDT 2007

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the heads-up. I'll concentrate on the core Kepler application 
initially and then look at the actors/workflows in more detail. I'll 
also stick with Java 1.5 although I'm sure that I'll be tempted to try 
to compile under 1.6 :o)



Dan Higgins wrote:
> Hi Amanda,
>    My name is Dan Higgins and I work at NCEAS at UC Santa Barbara. I 
> put together the Kepler installers that are on kepler-project.org and 
> the nightly build. I don't know of anyone running Kepler on Solaris. 
> However, the basic Kepler application is pure Java. It should then run 
> just fine on Solaris (and it does run on Windows, Mac OS X, and 
> several versions of Linux).
>    There are a few actors that use OS specific jni routines, but not 
> having all the dynamic libraries on Solaris would only affect those 
> specific workflows that use those actors. Also, we are currently using 
> Java 1.5 (and there are a couple of minor problems with compiling the 
> Java code under Java 1.6).
> Dan Higgins
> NCEAS - UC Santa Barbara
> Amanda Waite - SUN ISV-Engineering wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> My name is Amanda Waite and I'm a Staff engineer working with Open 
>> Source Communities here at Sun. We see Kepler as an important 
>> application particular in the area of Grid Computing and we would 
>> really like to make it available on Solaris 10 and on the Sun Grid. 
>> What I'm looking to do initially is make sure that Kepler runs on 
>> Solaris 10 without problems, and as expected performance-wise. I'll 
>> can then make it available on the Sun Grid at http://www.network.com. 
>> I'd then like to work with the community and if possible putback the 
>> changes, if any, that were made in the course of the port.
>> Does this sound ok? Does anyone already run Kepler on Solaris? I did 
>> scan through the archives for the last year or so but didn't see any 
>> references to Solaris.
>> Thanks
>> Amanda

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