[kepler-dev] Displaying a video from hard disk.

Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue May 29 10:38:16 PDT 2007

Hi Anjani,
    Attached is a very simple workflow with an example. This example is 
called commandLine.xml and it has a SDF directoror plus a single actor, 
a 'CommandLineExec' actor. It is OS-specific in that it was set up for 
Windows. If you double click on the CommandLineExec actor you will see 
that the command is "/AAAA/edit0001.avi". (Note that the avi file is not 
attached due to its size.) If you execute this workflow, it should use 
the Windows Media Player to display the avi on the command line! (see 
comment below).
    Note that anything that runs from the command line on your platform 
should be executable with the CommandLineExec actor. You may have to 
include the application name (e.g Quicktime or Windows Media Player) 
followed by the file to display. Check the documentation for the ports 
and parameters.
    Of course this approach is OS specific. Details would be different 
for Windows, Macs, and Linux boxes.

PS - I just noticed that running the sample on my Windows machine only 
works IF I have previously displayed the avi file by double clicking on 
it in the Windows Explorer (which launches the Windows Media Player) You 
may have to play around with the command line expression.

Anjani Didwania wrote:
> Hi Dan,
>           Sorry for the delay in following up on my question. Can you 
> give me an example, if possible,  of what you mean by using the 
> command line to launch a local video player?
> Thanks.
> Anjani
> Dan Higgins wrote:
>> Hi Anjani,
>>    I don't kow of any existing actor especially for this. However, 
>> you could presumably use the command line actor to launch a local 
>> video player such a Quicktime.
>> Dan Higgins
>> Ilkay Altintas wrote:
>>> Anjani,
>>> I don't think there's one that does directly what you're doing. You 
>>> can probably use a combination of actors to implement it.
>>> I'm forwarding your email to kepler-dev. Maybe someone has such an 
>>> actor.
>>> -ilkay
>>> On May 21, 2007, at 12:06 PM, Anjani Didwania wrote:
>>>> Hi Ilkay  and Efrat,
>>>>                 Is there a Kepler actor which can take .avi or 
>>>> .mpeg file from hard disk and display on teh desktop. I have been 
>>>> trying to locate one.Thanks. Anjani
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