[kepler-dev] Kepler can only be invoked once

Sun, Lisong lisong.sun at pnl.gov
Thu May 10 18:33:46 PDT 2007

Dear Kepler developers,

Our group is developing a process integration framework which use Kepler to
build and run workflows to do scientific computations. We built an organizer
application that will manage the workflow files on the WebDAV server,
input/output for each run and other provenance information.

So far we are very impressed by the capabilities of Kepler. Meanwhile we do
run into a few problems that we are not sure how to deal with.

One of the problem is that we found Kepler can only be invoked once. And if
there is a running Kepler, the second invoke command will fail. This does
get in our way of using the Kepler since we manage all the workflow files
using our organizer and need to be able to invoke multiple workflows through
the organizer. We do noticed that it is possible to open multiple workflows
windows through the menu options. Wonder if there is any special reason why
it can't run with second invoke command.

Another goal we want to achieve is to deal with long running workflows. I
wonder if there is anyway we can use the Kepler as an execution engine and
run workflows without open the GUI window.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

Lisong Sun
Staff Scientist
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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