[kepler-dev] Wrapup sequence question

Edward A. Lee eal at eecs.berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 6 16:38:57 PST 2007

Under PN, every actor runs in its own thread, running a
program that looks something like this:

  while (!_stopRequested && prefire()) {
     if (!postfire()) break;

Since these are all separate threads, one thread could complete
before even another thread starts, in principle...


At 12:16 PM 3/6/2007, Norbert Podhorszki wrote:
>I have experienced a strange behaviour (for me at least) about the wrapup sequence. Could you please explain me why is this a feature or a bug? The attached workflow example is a Kepler workflow, using the Logger actor, which exploits the documented fact that the wrapup() method will be called at the end of the workflow execution. I use the Logger in several places in the workflow to log into the same file, which is closed in wrapup().
>1. Consider the following workflow: (CA for CompositeActor)
>   (SDFDirector)
>   Ramp -- CA -- CA2 -- Display
>where Ramp generates just one element.
>Both CA and CA2 logs the value in the same log file, "wrapuptest.log" (i.e. we get two lines).
>2. Consider that both CAs have their own SDF director. Still everything works fine, we get two lines in the log.
>3. Consider a third composite CAinCA inside CA, which has its own SDF director again, and is limited to iterate only once. Still fine.
>4. Replace the top level SDF with PN director. Interestingly, the actors in CA will be wrapped up before CA2 is executed.
>This means, that the Logger closes the file in CA, then opens (and overwrites) it again in CA2.
>Thanks for any explanation, Norbert
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