[kepler-dev] Wrapup sequence question

Norbert Podhorszki pnorbert at cs.ucdavis.edu
Tue Mar 6 12:16:08 PST 2007


I have experienced a strange behaviour (for me at least) about the wrapup 
sequence. Could you please explain me why is this a feature or a bug? The 
attached workflow example is a Kepler workflow, using the Logger actor, 
which exploits the documented fact that the wrapup() method will be called 
at the end of the workflow execution. I use the Logger in several places 
in the workflow to log into the same file, which is closed in wrapup().

1. Consider the following workflow: (CA for CompositeActor)
    Ramp -- CA -- CA2 -- Display

where Ramp generates just one element.
Both CA and CA2 logs the value in the same log file, "wrapuptest.log" 
(i.e. we get two lines).

2. Consider that both CAs have their own SDF director. Still everything 
works fine, we get two lines in the log.

3. Consider a third composite CAinCA inside CA, which has its own SDF 
director again, and is limited to iterate only once. Still fine.

4. Replace the top level SDF with PN director. 
Interestingly, the actors in CA will be wrapped up before CA2 is executed.
This means, that the Logger closes the file in CA, then opens (and 
overwrites) it again in CA2.

Thanks for any explanation, 

      Norbert Podhorszki
      University of California, Davis
      Department of Computer Science
      1 Shields Ave, 2236 Kemper Hall
      Davis, CA 95616
      (530) 752-5076
      pnorbert at cs.ucdavis.edu
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