[kepler-dev] noticing strange behavior with SRB Proxy actor

Unni Pillai unni.pillai at nyu.edu
Wed Jun 20 12:03:59 PDT 2007

Hi Folks

Background:  In my SRB managed collections, I have couple of  
different collections and srb accounts.  I've an account called  
NYUIngestMgr which has all access permissions on two separate  
collections (A & B).
Collection A & B are owned by their respective users Aowner and  
Bowner.  NYUIngestMgr has all access to both collections.  Using  
NYUIngestMgr account I moved(Smv) file from collection A to  
collection B.

Now when one of my colleagues uses previously working kepler workflow  
to do a simple get of files in collection B, he/she receives all  
files except the newly moved file.  The kepler workflow is executed  
by SRB user Bowner on Collection B.

Also noticing wackiness when I reconfigure the workflow to use  
NYUIngestMgr, the workflow fails miserably stating that NYUIngestmgr  
has permissions problem despite successfully downloading file from  
CollectionB using Sget with both NYUIngestmgr and Bowner.

Cursory examination reveals the file to be owned by collection A  
still when I run Sls -al on CollectionB as Bowner.

Is there a Scommand to change owner, so my kepler workflow continues  
working as before.


P.S. not sure If this needs to be cross-posted to srb-chat

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