[kepler-dev] different versions of SSH actors

Ilkay Altintas altintas at sdsc.edu
Mon Jun 18 16:37:11 PDT 2007

Hi Bertram,

I agree that we need to think about this. It is becoming for some  
users when they need an ssh actor.  Norbert's one seems to be the  
most elaborate one.

Dan and I will look into how the two actors could be consolidated  
based on your suggestions when I am back from vacation.


On Jun 18, 2007, at 10:23 AM, Bertram Ludaescher wrote:

> I noticed there are different versions of Kepler SSH actors out
> there. If I'm not mistaken, the two most recent versions are
> authored/co-authored by Norbert and Efrat, respectively.
> Would it make sense to try and consolidate and unify these?
> Maybe the authors could send a quick summary of what each of these can
> and can't do. I recall that Norbert's version can maintain a single
> SSH session throughout multiple actors (btw, without showing the  
> "cable"
> between them..) while Efrat's version can re-route stdin and stdout
> out.
> thanks, cheers
> Bertram
> PS Additional info follows: One way to think about this is that both
> have currently different "standard uses". Here is my cartoon for that:
> "OLD" SSH (Ilkay, then extended by Efrat?):
> - can redirect Kepler output to stdin of remote command, i.e.,
> "ties" the remote process into the Kepler dataflow:
> R       RX1           RX2
> DATA    /\            /\
> K --A---PA1----B--C---PA2--> D -->
> "ALTERNATE" SSH (Norbert):
> - can reuse an open SSH session
> R   --- RX1 ----------> RX2 ---->  ...
> CTRL    /\              /\
> K--A---PA1-----B--C----PA2---> D -->
> Here R stands for the remote site, K stands for Kepler site.
> In the first setting, data is routed through Kepler;
> in the second setting, control is routed through Kepler.
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