[kepler-dev] saaj.jar and saaj-api.jar issues

Daniel Crawl crawl at sdsc.edu
Wed Jun 6 16:48:37 PDT 2007

Dan Higgins wrote:
> Hi Dan,
>    I looked at the saaj.jar and saaj-api.jar files after your message 
> on irc. And they do contain the same set of class files, except the 
> ones in saaj-api.jar are newer! So I am glad you figured out the problem.
>    I tried simply deleting saaj.jar and moving saaj-api.jar to the 
> base-jars directory and kepler seemed to compile OK. Do you see any 
> problems with checking that change into kepler?

No, this sounds good. I suspect saaj-api.jar was being used instead of 
saaj.jar for quite awhile;
by placing saaj.jar in base-jars/, it was moved before saaj-api.jar in 
the classpath.



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