[kepler-dev] Independent developer SDK for Kepler?

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Wed Jun 6 09:30:20 PDT 2007

We have a nightly build that is similar to what you are talking about. 
It can be downloaded here: http://www.kepler-project.org/nightly/zip/

Note that right now there is only one from 3 days ago because the build 
has been failing due to a java 1.6 incompatibility in ptII.  It's always 
good to check the status of the nightly build before downloading it, 
which you can do here:  http://www.kepler-project.org/nightly


Tony O'Hagan wrote:
> On another topic .. related to building src/class jars ...
> Since many Actor developers don't (and probably shouldn't) have full access
> to your CVS repository it would be expedient to create a software developers
> kit (SDK) build of Kepler.  You'd add a new ant task that creates a single
> downloadable ZIP that includes separate jars for compiled .class files, JNI
> files, config/resource files, icons/image files and .java source files and
> instructions to the create an Eclipse project file that uses these jars.
> Developers then only need to create a very small Eclipse project that they
> can check in to their **local** CVS/Subversion repository.  Their
> respository would now only need your jars + their source code + a tiny
> build.xml.  They can then link your source code jars to your .class jars in
> the Eclipse project to view (but not edit) the snapshot of the Ptolemy and
> Kepler source code.  This would remove considerable setup time and effort in
> rebuilding the 7,000+ classes and most importantly would allow independent
> local version control.  Go one better and include in the ZIP a sample
> Eclipse project containing the HelloWorld actor sample.  This would ensure
> that the developer had all the needed folders (like src/actors) setup to
> build their new actors.  
> I suspect that you might then need a different mechanism to ensure that
> developers don't use conflicting LSIDs.  
> I have considered doing this myself but my lack of familiarity with all the
> pieces of the Kepler puzzle would make this a bit risky for me to safely
> complete.
> Thanks for Kepler,
> Tony O'Hagan
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