[kepler-dev] Kepler timing data

Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue Feb 6 10:35:16 PST 2007

    Your startup times seem to be much faster than mine although our 
machine configuratons seem the same! I am using Windows. Are you using 
    If I use 'ant run-dev' on a 'cold' machine (i.e just turned on, 
Kepler never executed) it just took ~90 seconds to see the kepler screen 
appear. Shutting down and starting again took about 45 seconds. A third 
time took about 30 seconds. (All measured from hitting the return after 
'ant run-dev'). It's that first time that is the real killer for new 
users. Are you really getting a 20 second startup the first time?


Chad Berkley wrote:
> I've been doing some messing around with timing various kepler 
> activities.  The results are below.
> Kepler tests on P4 3 GHz with 2 GB RAM
> -------------------------------
> Startup time with no actors in the kar directory: 10 sec
> Startup time with all actors in the kar directory: 20 sec
> Query time with remote search enabled and 329 components in the library 
> (with NO local actors):  8 sec
> Query time with remote search enabled and 329 components in the library 
> (WITH local actors):  10 sec
> Query time on http://library.kepler-project.org (same query): 1 sec.
> Query time with remote search disabled (WITH local actors): < 1 sec
> --------------------------------
> One way to speed up our startup time (in fact, cut it in half) is to 
> release a version of kepler with no actors pre-installed in the library 
> and allow people just to use the components off the online repository 
> (as we talked about in the last SEEK meeting).  It seems the only 
> problem with this is that it slows down the search time for components. 
>   I think the reason the search in Kepler is so much larger than just 
> searching on the web site is that there is overhead with moving the data 
> through the ecogrid interface.  There is also overhead in dynamically 
> generating the results tree in kepler.  IMO, 8 seconds isn't too bad (it 
> could be better) but we should probably put a status bar or something in 
> there so people don't think its locked up.
> thoughts?
> chad
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