[kepler-dev] Kepler Training Videos/Exercise 1 Problem

Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue Apr 24 15:42:28 PDT 2007

Hi Glen,
    I may have been mistaken in my comments about using beta3 or the 
nightly build for compiling. :-(
The ptolemy source code is inside the build/kepler.jar file but the 
paths may not be set properly for compiling. [I tried it on my machine 
and thought it worked, but I forgot that I have other copies that the 
compile may have been using.]

    Let me look into this and get back to you.



Glen Jarvis wrote:
> Ilkay,
>   I didn't believe checking out source was necessary since I was using 
> beta03. I am making these assumptions based upon Dan Higgins e-mail to 
> Unni Pillai:
>> The Kepler nightly build zip file was put together mainly for people 
>> who wanted to run the latest version of Kepler without having to 
>> learn how to build it from source (or set env variables). It does 
>> contain all the Kepler source code in the /src directory, however. 
>> The Ptolemy directory was not
>> preserved in the nightly zip; Ptolemy source, along with *.class
>> compiled code is moved to the inside of the kepler.jar file.
> I am assuming from this that the Beta contains at least as much as the 
> nightly builds. Am I incorrect in thinking that the Beta3 contains all 
> compiled Ptolemy and Kepler source, so there is no need to check out 
> Ptolemy code. I had also seen another email where there was no need to 
> set $PTII in this build.
> I wish to compile actors only. There is no need for me to compile any 
> additional sources (at this stage at least).
> Please correct my assumptions if they are incorrect.
> Warmest Regards,
> Glen Jarvis
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