[kepler-dev] Creating kar files

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Jun 29 10:16:15 PDT 2006

Yeah, it was working when I left.  Also, "Export as Kepler Archive" 
should not be commented out.  That was supposed to be the only way that 
someone could create a kar file.  There should also be an "Import Kepler 
Archive" option.  I believe both were working when I stopped working on 

I just checked and the repository library.kepler-project.org is up and 
running still, so something must have been broken within kepler for the 
upload not to work.


Matt Jones wrote:
> Uggg.  I was under the impression that the 'Upload to repository...' was 
> working when Chad last left it. I even saw it working myself on both 
> linux and windows when I was prepping for my site review demo. Did 
> something change?  We really need regression tests that can pick up when 
> a change in the code causes a related feature to break!
> AFAIK, both the 'Save in library' and the 'Upload to repository' used to 
> create KAR files as Chad had implemented it, and then those KAR files 
> were imported into the cache as needed.  Hopefully Chad and Shawn can 
> clarify what has happened.
> Thanks,
> Matt
> Dan Higgins wrote:
>> Hi All,
>>    I have been looking at the latest version of Kepler and the ability 
>> to save new actors. Just before the Beta1 release, Shawn reworked the 
>> action associated with the 'Save in Library...'  context menu. His new 
>> 'SaveInLibraryDialog' class (in $Kepler/src/org/kepler/ksw/gui/) makes 
>> it much easier to associate actors with several ontology categories. 
>> So putting a new/revised actor into the actor tree is pretty easy.
>>    However, it looks like the code puts the actor directly into the 
>> object cache in the form of a serialized object, rather than creating 
>> a *.kar file and there is no obvious way of creating a *.kar file from 
>> the cache object. I think the earlier version (CreateKSWDialog by 
>> Chad)actually created a kar file.
>>    First of all, I am not sure why the cache uses a serialized object 
>> rather than a kar file (perfomance?). And it seems to me that we do 
>> need to create a kar at times, if only for local storage. (I assume 
>> the 'Upload to Repository' sends a kar file, but that code appears to 
>> be broken currently) Also, there is a commented out line in the 
>> uiContextMenuMappings file for a menu item 'Export as Kepler Archive'.
>>    So, my question is:
>>    Do we want to just add the 'Export as Kepler Archive' menu, or 
>> perhaps modify the new 'Save in Library' dialog to also allow the user 
>> to create a local kar file?
>>    Or perhaps we should just use serialized objects like the cache 
>> does? Of course, these are not human readable/editable files, but 
>> presumably when the actor has been added to the list, it can be 
>> dragged to the work area and edited there.
>> Dan

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