[kepler-dev] Configuration of workflow

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Mon Jun 26 16:03:33 PDT 2006

Hi Norbert,
Funny you should mention workflow configuration, because that's what
I'm working on today.

$PTII/ptolemy/data/expr/ParameterSet.java is the prototype of what
Edward and I have planned.  ParameterSet extends
ScopeExtendingAttribute and reads in a file in the format of option
#2.  The idea is that the user drags in a ParameterSet attribute
which reads in a file that sets parameters.  There is a cool trick
to display all the parameters as well. 

I'm working on a UI that will allow the user to set the file
name and edit the file directly.

Option 3 is appealing.  This is a life cycle management issue
and worth looking in to.

We chose to start with option #2 because we think it will be easier
for users to understand.

I should have something concrete by Wednesday.  I welcome your
feedback on the design.

BTW - I'll be away in the desert Thursday, June 29 through July 11.



    We have a workflow with lots of StringParameters and the user
    executes it command-line (without GUI).
    I am looking for ways to conveniently use a configuration file for the 
    workflow. Does anyone have a workflow that takes parameters from file?
    Option 1.
    Edit the workflow's xml file, for the StringParameter properties.
    Ugly and user-hately.
    Option 2.
    Have a config file with format
    And create a script that replaces the parameters' values in the workflow's 
    xml before running it.
    Modestly-ugly but efficient and physicist-user-friendly.
    Option 3.
    Create a subworkflow to read the config file and set variables within the 
    workflow. This subworkflow should go in front of the rest of the workflow.
    Nice, user-friendly and built-in solution.
    Here I face the problem, that VariableSetter actor cannot accept variable 
    names, only the values. Is there any solution in Ptolemy/Kepler?
    Option 4.
    Native Ptolemy/Kepler support...? E.g. an actor written in Java.
    Thanks in advance for advice or more options
          Norbert Podhorszki
          University of California, Davis
          Department of Computer Science
          1 Shields Ave, 2236 Kemper Hall
          Davis, CA 95616
          (530) 754-8188
          pnorbert at cs.ucdavis.edu
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