[kepler-dev] build error with latest cvs copy of ptII and kepler ....

jagan Jagan.Kommineni at infotech.monash.edu.au
Mon Jun 26 00:19:12 PDT 2006

Hi Ilkay,

Sorry to bother you again.

One of the GriddleS actor ("JGridletCreator" ) is missing from user 
interface. But I can see kar file in kar directory 
but I couldn't see cache object corresponding to this actor in 
$HOME/.kepler/cache/objects directory. The entry corresponding to this 
actor in the file "$HOME/.kepler/actorLibrary is also missing.

Eventhough there is an entry in the 
corresponding to "gridlets" folder which is subfolder of Griddles folder.

I am using this folder for storing dynamically created application actors.

My guess is that there may be duplication of identity.
The entry in the MANIFEST.MF is as follows ...
Manifest-Version: 1.4.2
KAR-Version: 1.0
lsid: urn:lsid:kepler-project.org:kar:166:1
        Name: JGridletCreator.xml  lsid: 
type: actorMetadata

Could you mind to tell me how to fix this problem?

with regards,

Jagan Kommineni


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