[kepler-dev] actor documentaiton missing in beta1

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Tue Jun 6 10:06:08 PDT 2006

Hi Dan,
I checked in a change to
that handles the case where $KEPLER_DOCS is not set but
$KEPLER/dev/documentationFramework is present.

I'm not sure if this change needs to go in to the beta, but
it will help the next time this comes up.

In general, the user should really not need to set KEPLER_DOCS,
we should try various likely places where the docs can be found
and set it for the user.


    Hi Matt,
        The documentation is in the release  (in the dev/ folder) but it 
    looks like I screwed up in the setup. The environment variable 
    KEPLER_DOCS needs to point to the base Kepler directory and I forgot to 
    set it in the installer startup :-( . (It is set in the kepler.bat and 
    kepler.sh startup files.)
        So you just need to set the environment variable for the 
    documentation to show up. I can get the installers rebuilt with the fix 
    pretty quick. We can probably redo the CDs on Monday if Mark is not 
    leaving until Tuesday.
    Sorry,  Dan
    Matt Jones wrote:
    > Hi Dan,
    > As I'm trying the beta1 build more in prep for my demo next week I've 
    > found the actor documentation is missing ("Documentation->Display" 
    > says it is missing).  Any chance you forgot to build it into the 
    > release, or is this a bug?
    > Matt
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