[kepler-dev] question about creating and registering composite actors

Karen L Schuchardt Karen.Schuchardt at pnl.gov
Fri Jun 2 11:06:49 PDT 2006


I have some fairly complex workflows that I'd like to break into a set 
of composite actors and add them to the left hand panel to present some 
"higher level conceptual" actors.  I am able to select some actors and 
use the menu item to break it into a composite.  I then followed some 
probably outdated documentation from the GEON project (I think) but 
couldn't get it to work.

What I tried to do:
lasso some actors
use Tools/Create Composite Actor (this works)
Right Click on new composite and pick Convert to class.  Error is Cannot 
convert an entity to a class definition whilte it contains ports with links.
Broke links
Again picked Convert To Class.  No error this time but I'm not sure what 
took place.
Selected Convert to Kar file.  Got error: Error building the KAR file: 
Cannot create transport KAR: null

Is there some documentation somewhere that explains how to do get this 
to work and what else I might need to do?

Also I am using a version of the source tree dated March 8.  My cvs 
(readonly) access either expired or the password got changed because I 
can no longer update.  If somebody could help me get that straightened 
out, I'd appreciate it.

Here's the script of my attempt login or access CVS
{d39974:KEPLER at malina:52} echo $CVSROOT
:ext:schuchardt at cvs.ecoinformatics.org:/cvs

{d39974:KEPLER at malina:54} echo $CVS_RSH

{d39974:KEPLER at malina:55} cvs update
schuchardt at cvs.ecoinformatics.org's password:
Permission denied, please try again.

{d39974:KEPLER at malina:56} ssh schuchardt at ecoinformatics.org
schuchardt at ecoinformatics.org's password:
Permission denied, please try again.


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