[kepler-dev] Dynamically created actor not shown in library but can be seen with Search button ....

jagan kommineni Jagan.Kommineni at infotech.monash.edu.au
Thu Jul 27 19:27:48 PDT 2006

Hi Chad and Shawn,

           I am able to create a "gridlet actor" dynamically using 
JGridletCreator" actor which is located under "General Purpose/Grid 
Function/Griddles" folder.
I am building kswFile using KSWBuilder (org.kepler.ksw.KSWBuilder  new 
KSWBuilder(gridlet , false , false, kswFile);) in a directory 
      The created file is processed by using the following procedure and 
at the end I have refreshed the library

  public void processKSW(File kswFile)
      KeplerLSID[] actorLSIDs;
      CacheManager cache = CacheManager.getInstance();
      KARCacheObject kco = new KARCacheObject(kswFile);   
      LibraryIndex lindex;
      actorLSIDs = kco.getActors();
      if(actorLSIDs != null)
        System.out.println("processing kar file: " + 
        lindex = LibraryIndex.getInstance();       
        for(int j=0; j<actorLSIDs.length; j++)
          ActorCacheObject aco = 
          ActorMetadata am = aco.getMetadata();         
          //build an entity for each actor in the ksw and add it to the 
          LibraryIndexItem subtree = lindex.findItem(new 
          LibraryIndexItem oldlsid = 
          if(oldlsid != null)
            lindex.removeComponent(oldlsid.getLSID(), subtree);           
            lindex.add(new LibraryIndexComponentItem(am.getName(), 
am.getLSID()), subtree);           
          //System.out.println("actor " + " loaded into the library in 
category " + subtree.getName() + " with id " +am.getId());
    catch(CacheException ce)
      System.out.println("Error with the cache: " + ce.getMessage());
    catch(Exception e)
       System.out.println("Error creating ComponentEntity from actor " + 
"metadata: " + e.getMessage());

I see the library is updating on the screen but I cann't see newly 
created actor in the library.

Whereas when search for the newly created actor, I could see in the 
folder where it is supposed to be (General Purpose/Grid 
Function/Griddles/gridlet). If I exit and restart Kepler, I can see the 
same thing in the library list.

I have also noticed one more problem,  if I change previosly created 
dynamic actor and refresh the library.  This time I am not able to 
restart  kepler and I am getting a duplication error message.

I have updated all my chenges into kepler cvs repository, If possible 
could you mind look into the problem.

Could you mind to indicate me which is the best time to chat "irc Kepler 
chaneel" with any of you?

with regards,

Jagan Kommineni

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