[kepler-dev] problems with very slow startup

Karen L Schuchardt Karen.Schuchardt at pnl.gov
Thu Jul 20 16:35:40 PDT 2006

I'm having a pretty bad performance problem that hopefully somebody can 
help out with. 

I updated both ptolemy and kepler today and now when I try to start 
kepler, it takes  8-10 minutes for the gui to popup.  I have a dual 3.4 
linux box and top shows it 99% idle.  After I updated I did

ant full-clean
ant ptolemy
ant compile
rm ~/.kepler
ant buildkarlib

The gui  eventually comes up.  A blank square pops up right away and 
sits there for the rest of the time.  This update introduced the new 
changes to the ontology structure since my last update.  I removed all 
my actors descriptor files to ensure that they are not causing this.  Is 
there something more I need to do?  Any pointers are appreciated as 10 
minutes is an awfully long time to wait.


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