[kepler-dev] [kepler-users] Looping a process in kepler

Edward A. Lee eal at eecs.berkeley.edu
Fri Jul 7 03:26:30 PDT 2006

There is a (rather old) paper on this topic at:


Other useful pointers are the dynamic dataflow (DDF) domain demos
and the IterateOverArray higher-order actor.


At 11:13 PM 7/6/2006, Sivagowri Swaminathan wrote:
>Hi all
>I am trying to repeat a process using an if-then-else logic and I get struck
>each time.
>Here is the scenario:
>I have three processes [ not sure if thats the right word, it can be
>considered as modules doing a specific task] in a pipeline, say process A,
>B, C.
>In process B, if the output is "xyz" I have to repeat process B until I get
>the desired output, in which case, the control moves to the next module down
>the pipe. Each module/process is a composite actor, having an input port and
>an output port. I have a SDF director for the main workflow which should be
>run only once.
>How do I trigger process B again?
>I get an error message saying that the "output port drives the same relation
>as the external input port, this is not legal in SDF" every time. is SDF
>appropriate for workflows such as these?
>since I use a pipelined approach, I do not want to use PN director, as each
>component will run in its own thread.
>can someone give me an example for looping which does not involve integer
>for loops.
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