[kepler-dev] Looping a process in kepler

Sivagowri Swaminathan sivagowri at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 6 23:13:21 PDT 2006

Hi all

I am trying to repeat a process using an if-then-else logic and I get struck 
each time.
Here is the scenario:

I have three processes [ not sure if thats the right word, it can be 
considered as modules doing a specific task] in a pipeline, say process A, 
B, C.

In process B, if the output is "xyz" I have to repeat process B until I get 
the desired output, in which case, the control moves to the next module down 
the pipe. Each module/process is a composite actor, having an input port and 
an output port. I have a SDF director for the main workflow which should be 
run only once.

How do I trigger process B again?

I get an error message saying that the "output port drives the same relation 
as the external input port, this is not legal in SDF" every time. is SDF 
appropriate for workflows such as these?

since I use a pipelined approach, I do not want to use PN director, as each 
component will run in its own thread.

can someone give me an example for looping which does not involve integer 
for loops.


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