[kepler-dev] Can "stop" interrupt "initialize()"

Edward A. Lee eal at eecs.berkeley.edu
Mon Jan 30 14:56:57 PST 2006

At 01:49 PM 1/30/2006 -0600, Kevin Ruland wrote:

>>Every Director has a method isStopRequested().
>>A long running initialize() method should just call this method
>>and abort if it returns true...
>I think I can use this in some kind of spin wait.  What's the easiest way 
>for an actor get a handle to it's director?

  Call getDirector().
  I wouldn't do this as a spin wait, though. Instead,
  in the long running thread, periodically call isStopRequested() at
  points where it would be safe to abort.  This is much safer than
  calling interrupt() on a thread, which can leave objects in an
  undefined state.

>I did a little digging and noticed that Manager.finish() does a 
>notifyAll().  Presumably I could tap into this as well and synchronize on 
>the Manager object.  Of course, I need to get my hands on the Manager, and 
>there might be a different deadlock situation present.



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