[kepler-dev] a few questions

Tristan King tristan.king at jcu.edu.au
Sun Jan 29 20:41:08 PST 2006

Hi everyone,

Just a few questions.

I'm looking to do the following:
	for ever {
		Poll a Directory for new files
		when new file is located {
			Run workflow with new files as input

What i need to know is:

1. Is this best preformed using a director to preform the loops? Or is
it possible to use some sort of flow control actors to direct the flow
back to the directory poller? If a director should be used, which one
and how should it be configured?
note that (as implied in my psuedo code) the loop may want to continue

2. Is it possible to run particular sections in seperate threads? i.e.
new file is found -> make thread to process new file -> main thread goes
back to polling for new files. Are there any actors that do this
already, or do you think it's possible to write one?

3. Can workflows be run as a non-gui service? i.e. like a web server.
This could be a simple dirty solution to problem 2. i.e. just have the
directory polling workflow run a command line version of kepler starting
up a workflow to process the new files.

any other thoughts and ideas you might have for my situation could be
helpful too :)


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