[kepler-dev] New Kepler Menus

Matthew Brooke brooke at nceas.ucsb.edu
Sun Jan 29 19:42:55 PST 2006

Dan -

thanks - i know about that one. Laura's redesign has a checkbox menu 
item - click once for on; click again to toggle off - but i have not yet 
had chance to implement it like that.


Dan Higgins wrote:
> Hi Matthew (and Laura)
>    In using the new Kepler menu system, I can across a problem. In the 
> old menus (aka Ptolemy menu) there is a menu item named 'Animate 
> Execution' under the 'Debug' menu. Immediately below the 'Animate 
> Execution' is a 'Stop Animating' meny item.
>    'Animate Execution' shows when actors are executing when a workflow 
> runs by 'hilighting' the actor for a use-set period of time (for some 
> Directors). 'Stop Animating' turns off the animation
>    In the new menus, this item has apparently been replaced by the menu 
> item 'Run with Feedback' under the 'Tools' menu. The problem is that 
> there is no 'Stop Feedback' menu item. So once the user starts showing 
> which icon is firing, there is no way to turn off the effect with the 
> new menus!  Rather that having a seperate 'Stop' menu, perhaps the menu 
> should toggle from 'Run with Feedback' to 'Stop Feedback' and back?
>    Incidently. in my opinion, the original menu text of 'Animate 
> Execution' seems more descriptive than 'Run with Feedback'. Feedback 
> seems like a term that can have many meanings and is not very helpful to 
> a new Kepler user.. 'Feedback' could just be some text summary at the 
> end of workflow execution.
> Dan


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