[kepler-dev] Ptolemy II 6.0 Release Plans

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Jan 26 11:39:39 PST 2006

On February 10, we are going to release Viptos 1.0-beta based on
Ptolemy II 5.2-beta
This will entail a code cleanup and update of copyrights.

For Ptolemy II 6.0, we hope to follow the Kepler release schedule at:


The Kepler dates are:

    * Alpha 9 Feb 28, 2006 (Feature freeze for release 1.0.0; this is
       a hard deadline)
    * Beta 1 Mar 31, 2006 
    * Beta 2 (not scheduled, may not be needed)
      list for a complete list)
    * 1.0.0 May 1, 2006 (see the kepler-1.0.0 bug list for a complete

So, Ptolemy II will have:

    * Ptolemy II 6.0-alpha on Feb 28
    * Ptolemy II 6.0-beta on Mar 1
    * Ptolemy II 6.0.1 on May 1

The new features we are looking at:

    - Code Generation (Jackie, Gang, Christopher)
      + Needs review and increased test case coverage  
      + Add more actors
      + Need demo of Gang's work
      + Finish gumstix demo
      + ieee1588 work?
    - Backtracking (Thomas) (Will this ship?)
      + Needs review and increased test case coverage
      + need distributed algorithm (Thomas)
    - Rendezvous domain (Thomas, Edward)
      + rendezvous kernel: 37% method coverage
      + RendezvousDirectory is Green and has all methods tested
      + AlternateRendezvousReceiver and RendezvousReceiver are Red
      + rendezvous.lib: 100% method coverage, all classes are Red
	*** Let's review this ***
    - documentation infrastructure (Edward, Christopher)
      + Finish index (cxh)
      + parameterize for HyVisual (cxh)
    - Union Type (Yang)
      + need demo
    - UI tweaks (Edward, Christopher)
      + Preferences Manager
      + Relation Group
      + Port orientation
    - deadlock detections??

Please send me other features that will ship and I'll
send out a revised list next week. 

About the version numbers.  We've decided to go with
calling Viptos 1.0-beta since it is the first Viptos release.
Viptos 1.0-beta is based on Ptolemy II 5.2-beta.

We are probably going to have a world of hurt because of this.
Currently, there is only one version attribute, so models
will say
    <property name="_createdBy"
which could be slightly confusing.

Also, I'm fairly certain the May release will be Ptolemy II 6.0
instead of 5.3, but this could change.


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