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kommineni jagan jaganmk at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 23 19:57:27 PST 2006

Hello Ilkay,

I am trying to integrate gt4 client module through java-cog 4.1.3. I have 
created an actor which takes configuration file and executes within Kepler. 
There is no need to install any globus modules in the system. I have put all 
the requred jar files into my Kepler directory.

The configuration file is a xml file which is some thing like this ....

1. Intialization Phase ....
<echo message="Intialization Phase"/>

Intialization tasks .....

2. File tranfer stage ....

Input file transfer tasks ....

3. Execution stage ....

Execution task ......

4. File transfer stage ....

Output files transfer to destination location .......




with this it is possible to deploy the application and execute the 
application and get back the results.

cog 4.1.3 supports job submissions to gt 2+, gt3+ and gt4+ versions.

As a first trail, I have run Atmospheric application on a remote system by 
creating xml config file manually.

Could you mind to tell whether there is any one is working on integrating 
xml editor with in Kepler user interface?

The complete desctption xml config which I have used is attached to this 

with regards,

Jagan Kommineni

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