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Matthew Brooke brooke at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Jan 19 11:42:36 PST 2006

 > Deana Pennington wrote:
 > What I want is a term for ScienceGrid at the top of the hierarchy.

so how about Laura's original suggestion of "sciGrid" - not much of a 

Deana Pennington wrote:
> Vision:
> -distributed resources
> -distributed scientists
> obviously, Kepler could be used for applications outside of science, but 
> since we're all focused on SCIENTIFIC workflows is seems reasonable to 
> me to focus on scientific resources.  It's not limited to 
> eco/environmental kinds of applications, as clearly demonstrated by a 
> domain specific actor library that includes genetics and chemistry.
> I need a word to put in the following sentence:
> "And because Kepler is based on state of the art grid technologies (see 
> Appendices, Section 5.2), data and analytical processes from other 
> scientists can be exposed and utilized within Kepler.  This is done via 
> the XXXGrid, which is basically a set of geographically distributed data 
> repositories, computing resources, and (eventually) workflow libraries."
> I can substitute "distributed computing technologies" for grid in the 
> first line, but Kepler will be accessing a specific set of distributed 
> resources (those that the authentication system can handle) and I need a 
> term for that set of resources.
> My [incomplete] ontology of the distributed resources, where some other 
> term can be substituted for grid if we can find a better term, and there 
> already exist many other specific grids that could be inserted into this:
> ScienceGrid
>    BiosphereGrid
>       EcoGrid
>       GeoGrid
>       OceanGrid
>       HydroGrid
>       AtmGrid
>       others
>    BiologicGrid
>       BiochemGrid
>       GenGrid
>       MolecularBioGrid
>    XXXScience
>       PhysicsGrid
> Distributed resources can be allocated at different scales in the 
> hierarchy.  EcoGrid would only apply to those resources that are domain 
> specific to ecology.  BiosphereGrid would include the resources across 
> disciplines within that set (e.g. all of the environmental observatory 
> data taken together).  ScienceGrid would include all the generic 
> resources, like some data mining algorithm that could be used by any of 
> the domains.  What I want is a term for ScienceGrid at the top of the 
> hierarchy.
> Hopefully this helps define the vision, or at least will generate 
> additional discussion.
> Deana
> Mladen Vouk wrote:
>> Good point. What is the vision?
>> Thanks
>> Mladen
>> Shawn Bowers wrote:
>>> I think that a problem here is that there isn't really a shared
>>> vision for what this thing you're trying to name will actually
>>> be when it grows up ...
>>> -shawn
>>> Deana Pennington wrote:
>>>> I'm working on the Getting Started with Kepler document that Sam and 
>>>> Laura started.  I'm trying to make it more generic, less specific to 
>>>> ecology since other sciences are now heavily represented as well.  I 
>>>> think it's time to settle on a generic term for the Grid being accessed 
>>> >from within Kepler, subsets of which can always use more specific terms 
>>>> (e.g. EcoGrid).  My suggestion would be to go with something simple like 
>>>> Science Grid, or SciGrid.  Thoughts?  Are there other terms that we need 
>>>> to resolve before the documentation effort gets going in full force?
>>>> Deana
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