[kepler-dev] New Documentation

Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Jan 9 20:24:09 PST 2006

Hi All,
    Edward Lee and Christopher Brooks have modified the Ptolemy code to 
add some nice documentation displays. Currently, there improvements do 
not show up in Kepler, so I have worked out how to get these examples 

    First of all, the Kepler 'ant ptolemy' command does not build the 
ptolemy documentation. If you really want to see the latest version of 
Ptolemy you need to have Cygwin on your Windows machine and run the 
'make' command inside the PTII directory. [I assume that you have a new 
checkout of PTII and Kepler.]This will create a vergil.bat file inside 
the bin directory. Set the permissions to make the bat files executable.

    Then go to the PTII/doc directory and run
make docs

This will create the javadoc and other documentation file. The current 
version of 'ant ptolemy' does not build this documentation!

    You can then run vergil.bat, drag an Expression actor to the work 
area, right click on it and select Documentation and you will see a nice 
display like that shown below.

    If you use 'make' to build this documentation and then run 'ant 
ptolemy' the needed help information will end up in the ptolemy-doc.jar. 
It will then also appear in Kepler (for those actors where Ptolemy has 
created it]! 

    I think this new documentation format looks nice and fills many 
Kepler needs. We just need to figure out how to add the functionality 
that Christopher has added with 'make' to ant.


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