[kepler-dev] GlobusProxy actor

Kurt Mueller kurt at sdsc.edu
Tue Feb 28 11:01:09 PST 2006


GAMA has no automated method of putting a foreign certificate into  
its Myproxy store. You could put it there yourself by running myproxy- 
init from the command-line, and you would then be able to retrieve it  
using myproxy-get-delegation from the command-line, just like with  
any Myproxy server. You could also retrieve it using GAMA's web  
service interface from a portal or from an application such as Kepler.

What you will NOT get is the creation of a portal user in GridSphere  
on the GAMA portal side and configuration of this user to  
automatically retrieve a proxy upon login to the portal. This will  
only happen if the user is created from the portal to begin with, and  
the user's credentials are created by the GAMA CA and put into the  
GAMA Myproxy as part of the initial user account creation. There is  
no way to take a foreign certificate, put it in GAMA's Myproxy, and  
associate it with an exisiting GridSphere portal user. If you are not  
using the GridSphere portal side of GAMA then this may not be a  
concern for you.

- Kurt

On Feb 24, 2006, at 12:50 PM, Zhijie Guan wrote:

> Hi, Kurt and Sandeep,
> One of our Kepler team members asked a question about GAMA server.  
> I am not an expert on this area. Would you please help me answer it?
> Thank you!
> Regards,
> Zhijie Guan
> On Fri, 24 Feb 2006, Norbert Podhorszki wrote:
>> Is flexible GAMA enough to put an
>> 1. existing,
>> 2. DOEGrids certificate into the MyProxy component of the
>> 1. existing GAMA server with
>> 2. a different CACL
>> and create a user/pwd for me? So that I can get the proxy easily.
>> Then comes the question whether the admins of that GAMA allow us  
>> to do that (planting an alien certificate in their system).
>> So this is the way round: you do not need to integrate DOEGrids  
>> into the authentication framework but you need to let an existing  
>> GAMA accept my certificate.

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