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I made that category.  The people listed there are still members, but 
they have decided, and told me explicitly, that they will not be 
actively contributing to Kepler indefinitely, although all wanted to 
retain the ability to contribute as full members in the future.  But for 
now, due to other demands on their time, they said they will not be 
contrinuting and, importantly, should not be counted in any of the 
project votes for changes in policy, etc.  This is the main reason for 
the separate category, so we will know who to count in votes and when we 
have a quorum.

I'd be happy to change the term 'Inactive' to something else, but it 
does describe their current status as members who are not actively 
working on the project.  I suppose 'Previous Members' would be fine, 
although it implies they are not current members which would be inaccurate.


Laura L. Downey wrote:
> I honestly don't know.  Just looking at how things were described on the web
> page.  And it said people had requested inactive status.  So to me that
> meant, still members, but not active and not voting.  As I said the "past"
> term doesn't make sense to me in conjunction with inactive.
> If we really mean previous or past members, as no longer members, then I
> think your suggestion is fine.
> I guess Matt may be the one who set up active or inactive.
> In the grand scheme, it doesn't appear to be big issue, so if you feel
> strongly about the wording, Previous Members sounds reasonable.
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> So what's the point of this distinction then?
> Are we saying these folks are no longer "members" or are
> we saying they are just not producing anything
> for Kepler?
> I prefer giving folks who are not working on kepler any
> more (which I think is the case), the tag "previous"
> members -- because regardless, I think "inactive" has
> a negative connotation.
> -shawn
> Laura L. Downey wrote:
>>I don't see inactive as being negative, just merely a state.  And because
> we
>>have an "active" state, it makes sense to have an "inactive" state.
>>Although I don't understand Inactive (past) members; I interpret inactive
> as
>>current members, but not active.  So inactive but past, makes no sense to
>>I interpret past or previous members, as not currently members.
>>All that said, if we really mean people that are no longer members, then
>>"previous members" seems reasonable.
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>>Hi all,
>>I noticed recently that on the kepler webpage there is now
>>a section called "Inactive (past) members".
>>I think a better way to phrase this, which is not so negative,
>>would be "Previous members".  Anyone mind if I change this
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