[kepler-dev] Kepler Javadocs CompositeActors

Nandita Mangal nmangal at sdsc.edu
Wed Feb 22 17:54:01 PST 2006

All the composite actors such as "Computational Chemistry Actors" have 
their respective moml files (for eg. in org/resurgence/moml)
Currently ,no java source code with composite actors leads to no 
javadocs production and hence no DOCML xml files are generated for 
composite actors.

And  the only current way to "CustomizeDocumentation" for the composite 
actors is by double -clicking and modifying the instance version of the 
composite actor on the canvas.
Edward had demonstrated "CustomizeDocumentation" functionality in the 
Kepler Meeting.

I wanted to confirm that this is what was the output of the meeting 
goals, as far as composite actors go.
Do we want to somehow implement a separate composite actor HTML MAN page 
like other actors as well ? If so, what specific fields/descriptions 
should be included in such page ?
Should we modify the composite actor's moml file in src/actors to 
include documentation and parse with an xslt processor to create 
"compositeActor" special MAN pages?


Nandita Mangal wrote:

>virus scanners didn't like my attachments. 
>A list of links that refer to the javadocs files and documentation pages.
>sample html page:
>sample javadoc output:
>main pages:
>(Note: this page contains links to the generatedHTMLPages user/dev folder, won't work independently) 
>If one checks out kepler-doc, i have checked in the sampler user/developer HTML pages that were generated.
>So main pages of FinalUserDocumentation (or developer) should work, right after check-out.
>Since your attachments where liked much by the virus/spam scanners,
>maybe you should just put the stuff at a suitable place in the cvs and
>send urls instead?
>just a thought..
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