[kepler-dev] Run with feedback --> Animate Execution

Laura L. Downey ldowney at lternet.edu
Fri Feb 17 09:57:59 PST 2006

Just to point out that current users are all used to Animate Execution
because they know what it means.  My assertion here is that "Run with ...."
does make sense because you are saying how you want something to run -- with
or without some kind of feedback, animation etc.  It is certainly related to
running a workflow and that is the reason I'm trying to keep some similar
phrasing/terminology etc.

I'm trying to use the same word for referencing the operation of "running or
executing," not two different terms because that is not good design
practice.  So we might have:

Run Window
Run with Animation (as an example since we have some objection to the term


Execute Window
Animate Execution

Run is a simpler term than execute/execution and also a much shorter word in
the menu items.  

Also, there are other things to consider, which is what I meant about trying
to coordinate menu items.  The basic notion of what we are doing here is
providing some visual indication of what is happening.  We are thinking of a
visual type checking mode and it won't be "animated" but just color and
symbol coded and I wanted to consider the same term to describe that, maybe
"highlighting" or something, not sure just yet.

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Sorry Laura, but I agree with Bertram. 'Animate Execution' seems like a 
very good phrase. In my opinion 'Run with ...' is not a good phrase 
because selecting that menu item does not 'Run' anything; it just sets a 
property when the workflow is to be executed.
So we have at least 4 people who agree on 'Animate Execution'


Laura L. Downey wrote:

>Hi Bertram,
>I haven't tackled changing the wording yet but have noted yours and Chris'
>comments about the term "feedback."  Just as a side note, terminology is
>always a very sticky issue since people generally only agree about 10% of
>the time on some specific term/label but they usually easily agree what
>"don't" want something called.  Think back to the traffic generated when
>Deana asked about a new term for Ecogrid. :-)  
>I do however want to keep "Run with <something>" because I'm trying to
>maintain consistency with the terms associated with running a workflow --
>have Run, Run Window, and Run with <whatever term we choose>.  All of my
>recommendations are based on trying to keep some consistency in the way
>things are named because users make associations between things with the
>same terms and phrases. 
>I'm working on a few alternatives and want to make sure they coordinate
>across the menu system. 
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>I use the current built and noted that we still call "animate
>execution" in the new (but more confusion) manner "run with feedback".
>Can we rename this to "animate execution" again? 
>Also: The feature doesn't seem to work -- at least for me. 
>I cannot edit the animation delay..
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