[kepler-dev] Is Scia in Release 1.0?

Dan Higgins higgins at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Feb 16 09:18:36 PST 2006

Hi All,
    I would like to suggest that we do NOT remove the Scia code (or any 
other things of that sort) until AFTER the alpha9 release. This keeps 
all the alpha releases similar in that all contributions are included. I 
suspect that there are a number of parts that should be trimmed for the 
1.0 release, but that should be carefully discussed.


Kevin Ruland wrote:

>Hi all,
>I thought I heard Matt say that the Scia code will not be released with 
>1.0.  If that is the case, we need to extract it from the current build 
>so we can reduce the distribution size and isolate bugs.
>Since MatthewB has created the new fangled menu system, it should be 
>possible to remove the scia dependency from the BasicGraphController and 
>use the menu configuration property files to allow the scia developer to 
>access their functionality.
>If I don't hear any objections today, I will adjust the build.xml and 
>make changes to BasicGraphController and create the appropriate 
>AbstractAction implementation in org.kepler.scia.gui.
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